Frequently Asked Questions

LPNV Voter Guide

There's a chance you have a couple questions about this voter guide and/or the organization that put it together. Hopefully we answer some of those questions here.

Can you explain your rating system?

We tried to make our rating system as simple as possible. We have one negative rating, called “Negative”, a neutral rating (zero stars), and three positive rankings (one, two, or three stars). Stars are not to be construed as endorsements. We endorse only our own Libertarian Party candidates, using the “Gold Flame of Liberty” rating - our bias stands out prominently.

How did you come up with these recommendations? What criteria did you use?

In reaching our rankings, we made use of the information available on the candidates’ campaign website, their public statements while campaigning or being interviewed, and their responses to our questionnaire and the Ballotpedia questionnaire. For incumbents, we also took into account their voting record using NPRI’s 2021 Legislative Report Card. Unfortunately we aren’t omnipresent, and we probably missed some important things for at least a few candidates. Any omissions were unintentional.

We based our rankings on an analysis of the candidates’ stated positions, principles, and policy preferences through the lens of our libertarian political philosophy. We seek a free, prosperous, peaceful society with a large, strong, and vibrant private sphere and a small, transparent, and honest government sphere. We also tend to favor political decentralization wherever possible, as opposed to the consolidation and centralization of political power.

How did you decide which of all of Nevada’s many political races to cover?

Since we couldn’t cover everything, we focused on all state-wide and national positions, including the legislature. We also covered important county-level positions in the three counties where the Libertarian Party of Nevada currently has affiliates (Clark, Washoe, and Douglas).

Why don’t all candidates have their questionnaire responses provided?

We attempted to reach out to all the candidates we covered and ask them if they wanted to answer our questionnaire. Some responded and some didn’t. The responses for every candidate that answered our questionnaire are provided exactly as they were given to us by the candidate.

It doesn’t seem like Democratic candidates did so well in this guide. What the heck? Are you guys just shills for the Republicans?

Never. There are several areas of agreement libertarians typically have with those on the “left” side of the political spectrum. We were very surprised to find that in this election cycle, very few Democratic candidates were running on those issues or principles. There tends to be an ebb and flow in American politics, as the tendency towards authoritarianism shifts back and forth between the two major parties. Currently, leftist authoritarianism is on the rise, and our ratings this election cycle reflect that.

I think you got a candidate’s rating all wrong. Is there a way I can request you reevaluate them?

Absolutely! We encourage you to tell us how very wrong we are. The proper channel for letting us know when we got something wrong is to go to on any and all social media platforms and complain about all our wrongheaded wrongness there, just please remember to include a link to either this voter guide ( or to the Libertarian Party of Nevada website (

What does the Libertarian Party stand for? Where can I learn more?

The Libertarian Party, both here in Nevada and nationwide, seeks to preserve and expand human liberty. Our policy positions are derived from the application of a few core principles: self-ownership, private property, and the non-aggression principle. Find out more at What is a Libertarian?